Export voucher

This platform is a new concept export support project. A voucher is provided to a company, and the company with the voucher can directly select needed services and a service (performing) agency from various export activity menu to carry out export marketing.

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MNK’s Strengths

MNK provides integrated technical services, including visual design, multimedia, and 3D simulation, thus helping in carrying out integrated management.

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    Foreign language paper catalog
    (as of January 9, 2019)
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    Export supporting-based project
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    3years in a row
    Export voucher
    Designated as official performing agency
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홍보물 제작 one-stop 시스템
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Person in charge of Export Voucher

  • 전태식 본부장
    Jeon Tae-sik, Head of Operation
    How are you? I am Jeon Tae-sik, in charge of the export voucher video part. I have a long-time experience in video making and its accumulated knowhows, making it possible to well understand and help produce videos. I try to make it possible to create promotional effects through videos.
  • 최유란 본부장
    Choe Yu-ran, Head of Operation
    How are you? I am Choe Yu-ran, in charge of the export voucher design part. With three years in the performing agency, I have a wide knowledge in the entire platform of the voucher project. To obtain the customers’ goal, I do my best.
  • 김준채 본부장
    Kim Jun-chae, Head of Operation
    How are you? I am Kim Jun-chae, in charge of the export voucher promotional & advertising part. I have 10 years of experiences in a wide range of sectors and knowhow. To achieve effective performance compared with the investment in advertisements, I have faithfully dedicated myself with the mindset of “I own this company.”
Contact inquiry T.1566-5653

Success stories

  • 아이링거 홍보영상
    iRinger promotional video
    Producing a video that introduces the IoT-based remote control monitoring system for the IV (intravenous) infusion. Winning a gold award at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva.
  • 대동이엔지
    DAEDONG Engineering Co., Ltd.
    Producing a promotional video of Maxbrio-Damper
    Acquiring the 1st New Excellent Technology (NET) in 2018.
    Winning an award for the 17th Korea Parliamentary-Innovative Technology in excavator attachment.
  • 원재산업
    Wonjae Industry Co., Ltd.
    Producing a promotional video of I-Beam Heavy Duty Grafting.
    Designated as an Excellent Product with its non-noise and locking system.